Sumatra Gayo Mountain 100% Organic

Medium-Dark Roast

Earthy, Spicy, Cinnamon

The Dutch brought coffee to Indonesia from Yirgacheffe in the 17th century. Gayo Mountain coffee is grown in the Aceh province at the most northern point of Sumatra in the volcanic soil of the mountain basin around lake Tawar. Gayo Mountain coffee has been shade grown and processed meticulously then roasted medium-dark resulting in a sweet rounded flavour, rich velvety body with notes of chocolate.
The Gayo Mountain plantation tries to maintain a stable environment for its workers with increased salaries and social and healthcare initiatives.

Grown without pesticides or fertilisers

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma dark fruit, currant,

Aftertaste heavy and lingering

Acidity smooth, low acidity

Crust earthy, spicy, cinnamon

Break spicy

Flavour earthy, full

Roast Medium-Dark Roast