Colombia Cafe Sofia Supremo Coffee Beans

Medium Roast

gingerbread, apricot, honey

These large coffee beans are packed with delicious flavours of caramel, walnut and chocolate and has been likened to banoffee pie! The coffee has a buttery mouthfeel and a sweet, pleasing acidity.  Cafe Sofia Supremo makes a delicious espresso but is equally at home as a brewed coffee.

The Supremo coffee beans are collected from thirty small-scale producers in the areas of El Tigre, La Selva, Tribunas, Providencia and Patio Bonito. These are all located in the Belén de Umbría region of the Risaralda department in Colombia’s western Andes mountain range. The municipality is located at 1500 meters above sea level, where the average temperature remains at a steady 20°C year.

Belén de Umbría ranks amongst the country’s major coffee producing towns, coming in at the tenth position nationally in terms of volume. Farmers in the area typically own a 4 to 6 hectare farm, where they predominantly grow the Castillo variety. The producers wet-process their own cherries. Parchment is dried on patios or in driers, depending on the weather conditions.


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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma gingerbread, milk chocolate, allspice

Acidity bright acidity

Body medium

Clean Cup yes

Crust sweet almond, fruity

Break earthy

Flavour tangy and bright

Roast Medium Roast