India Monsoon Malabar - Coffee Beans

Medium-Dark Roast

Monsoon Malabar is so called because the beans are exposed to the moist monsoon winds in the Indian state of Kerala for a few months. From June through September, the selected beans are exposed to moisture-laden monsoon winds in well ventilated warehouses.  The monsooning process involves careful handling, repeated spreading, raking and turning around at regular intervals. The beans absorb moisture and get significantly larger, turning a pale golden colour and take on a soft mellow flavour.  The coffee has distinct nutty and chocolate notes with a slightly spicy flavour and a clean finish.   A delicious and satisfying full bodied cup with low acidity.

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma sweet, caramel

Aftertaste smooth

Acidity very low

Body medium

Crust warm spice and sweet nut

Break dark chocolate

Flavour dry dark chocolate, blackcurrant

Roast Medium-Dark Roast