A Flavoured Tea Christmas Gift Selection


The Flavoured Tea Christmas Gift Selection.  6 x 200g.  The teas are all freshly packed to order for you and can be sent directly to your gift recipient.  We package your gift selection in a gift box with your message on a gift tag*.  The price includes delivery in the UK and the following teas. 

Christmas Tea - In the middle ages spices were a valuable means of payment.  The warm and exotic aroma of this winter tea with orange peel, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla is reminiscent of Christmas and looks as enticing as it tastes.

Earl Grey Blue Lady -  a popular earl grey tea blue flower variation, this Earl Grey black tea has genuine oil of bergamot, mallow blossom and blue cornflowers added for a floral version of the Earl Grey flavour, aesthetically pleasing with a wonderful, slightly citrus taste.

Lady Grapefruit - Black China tea blended with dried mallow flowers, aromatic dried marigold flowers and an uplifting grapefruit flavour to make a bright, citrus and floral version of the classic earl grey flavour.

Vanilla -  considered the queen of all spices.  The vanilla pod is the fruit of an orchid species, which has its home in Mexico.  The hand pollinated blossoms produce ripe fruit after 8 months and are then treated to a complicated fermentation process.  The pods change colour and develop their full aroma.  The exquisite, intense and very popular taste of vanilla harmonises marvellously with our black tea blend.

Rose Congou -  blended with rose petals to give a sweet fragrant taste. This delicately scented tea is made from a traditional Congou tea, but with the added delicacy of Rose Petals. It has a delightfully clear, amber infusion with a sweet, fragrant taste and is best drunk without milk. 

Earl Grey - For a superior flavour, we blend top grade Assam TGFOP with oil of bergamot. Named after a famous British prime minister, the second Earl Grey, this tea first appeared early in the 19th century, however its exact provenance is not clear.  We think bergamot oil was perhaps originally added to prevent mould forming on the tea on its long voyage to England. 


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