Coffee of the Month - Sumatra Mandheling Menagold

Earthy, Spicy, Cinnamon

Sumatra Mandheling Arabica is a blend of Sumatra Gayo (which is located in the region of Aceh, northwest of North Sumatra) and beans from North Sumatra, including the area of Lintong. Menagold is a blend from the highlands of Aceh and Lintong specifically 1,300–1,500 meters above sea level.  The unique Indonesian climate and rich volcanic soil makes for excellent coffee growing conditions.
This is an earthy and smooth bodied coffee with a sweet chocolate flavour and a gentle floral acidity.

More specifically, most Menagold coffee comes from Hutapaung and Ria Ria, coffee-producing areas in the Dolok Sanggul district of North Sumatra, just below Lake Toba.

Ripe, red cherries are selectively picked, sorted, wet hulled and dried at the mill before being delivered to Medan for further processing.

Generations of smallholder farmers have worked closely with PT Musfaha Niaga Mandiri, a trusted milling company that meticulously analysed and prioritised quality. More than 323 farmer groups work exclusively with the company and have strong relationships with the Sulaiman family that owns it. Many formed their initial bond with the family’s late patriarch, who did business under the name PT Menacom.

To pay homage to the company history and its sought-after coffees, the next generation created “Menagold.” The name is a combination of “Mena,” an abbreviation of Medan-Aceh, and gold, a word that suggests the luxurious quality the company strives for.


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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma dark fruit, currant,

Acidity smooth, low acidity

Crust earthy, spicy, cinnamon

Break spicy

Flavour earthy, full