Brazil Donas Do Café - Coffee Beans

Medium Roast

Flavours of caramelised brown sugar, grapefruit, honey and toffee make this an exceptional coffee from Brazil's Sul de Minas region.  A blend of coffee from 3 women farmers in Brazil through the exporter SMC’s Women of Coffee initiative. Split across Sitio Baixão da Serra, Sitio Bananal Mirim, and Sitio Corrego do Adão areas.

There is a focus on the professional development of the producers so that they achieve high quality results - lectures, workshops, courses, round of talks on relevant topics, and most important: the recognition as female coffee growers for their work with special and selected beans.

Topics covered include customer experience in the field/coffee, shops/markets and the importance of traceability, market demands and changing consumer habits in the face of specialty coffee, and best post-harvest practices and crop management to improve the bean quality.

"It is a great joy to know that the coffees we grow

here with so much love, reach

coffee shops all over the world. I, my family, and our

staff, work very hard to produce specialty coffees,

and the partnership with SMC is a great incentive.".

- Andreia Oliveira da Silveira

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Roast Medium Roast