A Black Tea Christmas Gift Selection


The Black Tea Christmas Gift Selection.  6 x 200g.  The teas are all freshly packed to order for you and can be sent directly to your gift recipient.  We package your gift selection in a gift box with your message on a gift tag*.  The price includes delivery in the UK and the following teas. 

Breakfast Blend - Breakfast Blend is a strong, robust infusion with full-bodied malty taste.  It is created from tippy orthodox processed tea and has a spicy flavour and a reddish-brown liquor. The broken leaf (BOP - Broken Orange Pekoe) gives a stronger faster brew which is especially suited to the morning and suits a splash of milk if required.  

Assam - Tea is indigenous to Assam in India, making this one of the world's oldest types of tea.  It is a large-leaf organically grown, orthodox processed tea with lots of the highly sought after tips. When brewed there is an amber liquor with a rich full malty flavour with spicy, fruity and cocoa notes which is what you'd expect from one of India's finest teas.

Ceylon Silver Tip - Grown in the Ratnapura region, where the teas are protected from the drying winds of the south western monsoons, this beautiful silver tipped needle shaped, wiry tea produces a bright amber cup that has a distinctive aroma, a sweet honey flavour and a smooth caramel finish.

Keemun - A soft aromatic and mild tea with a sweet and spicy bouquet, Keemun is the most well known of China's black teas.  It has a small leaf which is delicately scented, reminiscent of orchids and produces an almost nutty deep red liquor.  Notes of honey, plum, orchid, pine and sesame.

First Flush Darjeeling - The first flush refers to the first picking period between mid March and the end of May, when the spring rains stimulate new growth on the tea bushes, resulting in light bodied tea with intense aromas.

Yunnan Golden Tips - The leaf is very attractive, large and twisted, black, with plenty of golden tips.  The liquor is deep and full with a well rounded traditionally malty flavour.


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