India Mysore AAA Golden Nuggets

Medium Roast

Rich, Honey, Butter

Mysore AAA has a sweet aroma of malty toffee on grinding with a biscoff spiced biscuit flavour.  It has a full bodied mouthfeel and a lingering nutty cocoa finish.

Indian Mysore Coffee is grown in Karnataka which accounts for about 80% of Indian coffee production. Karnataka means ‘elevated land.’ Its capital City is Bangalore and it contains 30 districts, it has its own High Court and a population of 61 million (2011). The official language of Karnataka is Kannada and the state has a literacy rate of 75.6%. The Mysore Nuggets are likened to ‘nuggets of gold’ due to their large size and high quality.

Indian coffee production has a special place in the coffee world as it was where saint Bababudan planted his famous smuggled seven seeds in the Buba Budan Giri Hills. According to the article "Origins of Coffee", in 1670 ad the saint Bababudan on his pilgrimage to Mecca traveled through the seaport of Mocha, Yemen where he discovered coffee. The Yemenis protected coffee and forbade it’s export, so in order to introduce its taste to India, he wrapped seven coffee beans around his belly and got them out of Arabia. On his return home, he planted the beans in the hills of Chikkamagaluru, which are now named Baba Budan Hills in his honour. The Arabica coffees we buy consists of three cultivars, these being Kent, Cauvery and S-795. Kent is a naturally propagated Arabica first discovered on the Doddenguda Estate in Chikmaglur and is named after the British owner of the estate at the time.

Kents cultivar is also found in Kenya and Jamaica. Sadly, the Kent cultivar is rather susceptible to leaf rust which can decimate a countries production.  Many growers have replaced this coffee with other hardier cultivars and the small blocks of original Kent bushes are often referred to as heirloom and carefully looked-after, still contribute some of the character that Indian coffee possess.

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Tasting and Cupping notes

Fragrance/Aroma syrup

Acidity low

Body medium

Crust honey, butter

Break coriander seed

Flavour sweet, mellow and rich

Roast Medium Roast