Guatemala Monte Rosa - Coffee Beans

Light - Medium Roast

candied cherry, toffee, dark chocolate

Monte Rosa is a rainforest alliance certified farm in Guatemala, Nueva Granada Estate. The coffee has a sweet aroma with notes of caramel with a delicate chocolate orange flavour and a light grapefruit acidity.

Nueva Granada is a deep green coffee farm in San Marcos, nestled by the two tallest volcanos in Guatemala - Tajumulco and Tacana. In March and April the coffee trees bloom with jasmine-scented starry flowers that drift like clouds over the farm. The green buds then grow under the canopy of shade trees until late October when plump cherries cascade down the branches and begin to ripen.

The coffee on this estate is shade-grown under macadamia nut trees. The shade protects the plants from the sun and the soil is enriched with leaves as they fall and rot down - the perfect situation for growing speciality coffee.

This approach enables biodiversity across the farm. The farm is a sanctuary for migrating birds and wildlife with wildlife corridors where the vegetation is left to grow wild. The estate has planted 45,000 new trees since becoming Rainforest Alliance certified.

Over 60 hectares are reserved for wild woods, allowing animals such as pumas and deer to pass through and visit other farms in the area. The rest of the farm has tree cover too, amongst the Inga, macadamia trees which provide an additional source of income. Although Eco Processors are the preferred method due to lower water usage, springs burst forth on the farm and are sometimes used in processing. Coffee is milled at the farm.

The farm makes its own organic fertiliser from the pulp of coffee cherries and composted macadamia nutshells. Leaf litter from the shading trees is left to compost down - all adding nutrients back into the soil. 

40+ tons of compost is produced each year using the red worms, mixing both coffee pulp and macadamia skins. Spring water is also harvested to provide a clean source to nearby villages.

The estate’s ecological mill uses 80% less water for processing coffee. Water left from pulping and washing is used for irrigation around the farm.

An onsite primary school for the children of its resident workers complete with a computer suite and lessons in IT literacy is available for both children and adults. There’s also an onsite health clinic providing health care, medicines and vaccines for workers and their families. Health workers are employed to cover education, first aid, as well as vaccinations. Schooling is paid for and scholarships are made available every year.


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Roast Light - Medium Roast